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struggling to feel better is always difficult,
trying to get past the feelings of longing
and remorse over my self and previous in-ability to change,
i struggle like a phoenix
to move away from the bruning of my soul
crossing out of the shards of my very broken heart
I merely want to be in the light
and in the joy of your love
back in the family I belong.

I know I have my faults
and I have seen that they are not only holding me back
from being the peson I want to be
they are slowly killing us
and worse making me die within my self

I see where I need to go, and the road I need to travel
I just hope that the road leads me to you
and you to me

as I only wish to grow for myself
and hope that you will also grow to reaccept me into our family...
Poem about my current feelings.
All dealing with wanting to grow still of myself.
And wishing I could share my growth and new found inner potential with Yuan.

Missing her deeply/
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Submitted on
September 28, 2004
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